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A Kiss of Shadows (Meredith Gentry, Book 1)

A Kiss of Shadows - Laurell K. Hamilton Bodice ripping with faery veneer. Everything happened in this novel were aimed to show Merry bedding each and every fey existed one after another. A new creature would come, given explicit description about every inch of his body, shoved to Meredith, then get rid off to allow the story to continue and new fey to take his place. How the story dragged.... or should we say, action filled.. Merry couldn't walk from one part of the mound to the other without losing her blood to butterfly fey, woken-up-from-death rose bush, and goblin king; all in the space of time between say 5 in the afternoon to 8. Hamilton also didn't endear herself to me by her effort to explain about this oh-so-different world. I understand the difficulty of giving enough information to reader about a world so choked full with wonder and happening through the first person narrator, but people simply don't explain to their perfectly lucid grandmother about what happened to the said grandmother's relative just because otherwise reader as the eavesdropper wouldn't understand a thing. There must be some other way!Merry's power made me also very wary.. She was running away from her family because she knew her power wasn't strong enough to help survive the constant familial turmoil. So she went and after 3years she suddenly became the strongest of them all, triggered by something so insubstantial? Then it was given hint that the power lurked already as she was a child unbeknownst to people whose business is about power? HAH, I said.So what am I doing reading it to the end and planning of reading the sequel soon? I guess we should just shelve it as my guilty pleasure and my inability to read substantial book right now..