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Know Not Why: A Novel

Know Not Why - Hannah  Johnson This is how it happened, saw the cover, saw the picture of heart & yarn, cursorily read the title, thought "knitting fluff" then grab it for rainy day. It wasn't exactly raining yesterday but I was looking for bus reading and just start reading, no review checking on goodreads, just another galance at the title, just jumping in.20% in, I started to think that it might not be what I think it was but funnily I was already captured by it. I was sad when the bus ride ended and would've finished it yesterday had I not fallen asleep w/ all lights on.So, despite the scattering of "yo" and "dude" and all other lingo that should make it 'real' & 'young' & 'american', it was good, surprising for me just because I didn't bother to do my usual check up before reading. But that's good too. I don't think I would've read if I did; and sometimes we need to read something outside our preferences and be pleasantly surprised. Though seriously she could cut down a couple dozen pages at the end.I did think about who this book is written for, women? men? YA? and is this chick lit? I still don't know.