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Moral Disorder: and Other Stories

Moral Disorder: and Other Stories - Margaret Atwood Where would I be without Atwood. There's always something that saves me from being down in the dump&makes me feel someone does understand what I'm going through. This time it's in her story "My last duchess" with the following quote:"bye-bye love, as in songs. All alone now. It was so sad. Why did such things have to disintegrate like that? Why did longing and desire, and friendliness and goodwill too, have to shatter into pieces? Why did they have to be so thoroughfully over?I could make myself cry even more by repeating the key word: love,alone, sad, over. I did it on purpose."Afterwards she continued tackling her exam materials, similar to what I did.What kept me from giving 4stars was the next part. It's still too early for me to acknowledge that the 2nd deal could be the real deal, the one that meant to be. It's just to raw for me and I don't want to see the glimpse of life from the other side.