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Alice I Have Been: A Novel

Alice I Have Been - Melanie Benjamin Wonderful. I treated this book as a fiction and ignored the accuracy of the historical facts. I found her Alice story fascinating, how the book and her relationship with Dodgson became a burden and a cage until she finally has the courage to face her memory. I might not ever going to read it again since many parts in it was simply too painful to read. The part that brought tears to my eyes, though, was actually beautiful. It was the part where Alice realized that her husband was the man who actually loved her the most as herself, that she also loved him and that it took really only a small effort from her to bring happiness for him. She also had this memorable conversation with the 'real' Peter Pan where he complained that he never asked for all of the fame to happen and Alice replied, "I did," with the same conciousness other people have felt after seeing how their life changed because of an innocent request and its consequences.A quick wiki search at the end showed how Benjamin dealt skillfully around the facts and grey areas, creating her own version of what might have happened.