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Miss Pym Disposes

Miss Pym Disposes - Josephine Tey well what do you know, my copy was missing the last chapter and idiot me hadn't realized it at all. i don't know if it changes much of what i thought though. What she did, what she allowed still happen on the same conviction. perhaps she's more humbled at the end, but still...I don't like Miss Pym. She's a smug know-it-all who acts as if she's humble. I also don't like how Josephine Tey treated her villains. She doesn't mind letting murderer free on the base that she's young, pretty, didn't mean to kill anyone, brilliant student and have a nice family. Well tough luck on you. She still meant to hurt someone. Even if her victim will only suffer fractured head, isn't it reason enough to punish the perpetrator? Saying that she was so sorry and feeling guilty of what she has done, is it good enough? Just because the victim doesn't have any family to press the matter, just because it was thought as accident by people, is it reason enough to let it lie down? I'm feeling like I'm writing as an angel of revenge or something. That I expect justice with capital J. Well, maybe I do expect it from my reading stuff. Heaven knows real world has too less of it. Probably people will say it made the story more realistic and compassionate. But I don't think so. Kindness can also kill. Perhaps this book is meant to show how full of flaw Miss Pym is and we should love her more, but it didn't work for me as well. I actually like Henrietta more, she seems to be a woman who can read person character better without having to have written a bestseller psychology book beforehand. She is shrewd and uninfluenced by people's appearance. Anyway, I've rambled too much for a book I didn't enjoy....