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Wintersmith (Discworld)

Wintersmith - Terry Pratchett I can't believe this is the first finished book this year and it's already 8th of Jan... It does say much about how s***y things are that I can't take refuge in reading. Well,here's for hoping that things will be better from now on..Good tiffany aching's story,btw...I found things that I relate to and take wisdom from. And when tiffany asked granny weatherwax how to take away pain I found myself pricking my ears n read more carefully. It's true what she answered n much obliged,but I wished there's more pointer.hah,listen to me trying to learn life from it. Though honestly, I think Pratchett's books should be read by all teen since they're so morally educational without being preachy. A lot subtler than Blyton with extra dollop of action,excitement and humour.