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Strong Poison

Strong Poison - Dorothy L. Sayers An enjoyable one, even though the start of it is a bit heavy, all of those narration can't be helped but not enjoyable. On the story itself it could be said that this bookis not Lord Peter's but Cattery's book. Those women are smart and they've done all the sleuthing whereas Lord Peter simply sat and read book to borrow his conclusion. Is it comparable to Hercule Poirot-Captain Hasting relationship? I think not, for one thing, Captain Hasting only reported what he saw and Poirot saw what really happened and the meaning of it. The Cattery Ladies went there, did the sleuthing and handed out the report complete with conclusion. Another thing, it's one thing to deduce the facts using your own brain and another to find similarities of your case in literaturs.. About Harriet Vane, the new important character in this serie, I can't say I understand how Lord Peter could fall in love with her. He just did and the story didn't really reveal what is so special about her. In fact it tried to emphasize that she isn't for every one else but she is for him. Well, it can be said by every man about the woman he loved. I'm open to get to know her better though, which is why I'm jumping to Gaudy Night right now.