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Throne of Jade (Temeraire Series #2)

Throne of Jade - Naomi Novik A total let down.... :(I began this book full of excitement after loving the 1st one immensely, I thought I might storm through the whole series in a marathon session, then this book put a damp on it to the extent that I need to take a break from the series.What was wrong with it:-Laurence's hollier-than-thou and stuck-up stance plus his jealousy -Xenophobia, bigotry and double standard shown by the whole British Aviator and Navy on board of Allegiance, I don't care if it's a lesson someone should learn please spare me the lecture-The pace of travelling, travelling, travelling, travelling, then bam bam bam action finish good byeSome positive nuggets:-I still do love Temeraire (thank God)-the Chinese banquet (why do they give it to those undeserving sailors... I want those.....)-Lovely description of a vase (I think I want that)I had to force myself to finish reading it and now totally exhausted. I also couldn't imagine what I should read next. I'm afraid of totally ruining my apetite of Tem if the next one turned out to be a sour one too.