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Changing My Mind: Occasional Essays

Changing My Mind: Occasional Essays - Zadie Smith She probably changing her mind in the extent of the book, but this collection is one of those good collection where you can actually got led to another things, from 1940s movies to other books that you didn't realize existed to hilarious british tv comedy. I admit that I skip some, there's one about Italy that I couldn't even decipher what it is about (my fault, i'm really ignorant) and the last part about DFW. This last part really rankles because I read its first part about having to give more effort for your enjoyment; but I really threw the towel on it. I probably will go back to it in the future. The essay about E.M. Forster is really wonderful & made me want to read his other book. I almost forgot how much enjoyment I had reading [b:A Room with a View|3087|A Room with a View|E.M. Forster|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348347485s/3087.jpg|4574872]. Another recommendation is to find Fawlty Tower & watch it in moderate dosage, too much in a time do make you sick of Basil. They sure shout a lot there.