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Swann's Way - Marcel Proust, Lydia Davis I'm sorry to say that I've fallen into the trapping of reading this book to be able to say that I've read it. You know, I've been to Paris, i've seen the Louvre (no I haven't), I've read Proust. I didn't mean to and honestly at the beginning I enjoyed it quite a lot. But then on Swann's part of courting Odette, I just got pissed off. Not that it's not real, it's actually very real; if people are being honest perhaps a lot of people's love story have similarity with Swann's. Heck, it sounds very familiar to one of mine. But it's just so.... ridiculous.. painful... hard to read... Maybe because it feels so real and you just want shake Swann to get out of it. There were some glorious moment, though, like when it finally dawned on him what Odette's being kept woman really meant. I wanted to laugh out loud. So, overall nice moments, still can't cover the fact that the only reason I slugged through some of the parts was just to get it over with and get my certificate of having read Proust.So what's in the future? I'm not sure I'll proceed with the 2nd book just now. I might even hunt down Lydia Davis' translation to see if I'm going to like it better. I've read Montcrieff's, btw.