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The Truth About Style - Stacy London It's good for those who almost give up trying to look halfway stylish. Rather inspirational that way, though honestly, it's also rather tedious having her declared that "she get it". Well now, won't the world be 100times better if it's that easy to "get" everyone? This tediousness is easy to avoid, though. Just pace yourself better in reading & you'll definitely enjoy it more. I wished I just read the book and not looking for the series. She came out really symphatetic in writing but her TV persona is rather caustic. The styles in the book are quite varied but the one shown in the show is really similar to each other. I have the feeling that they actually just want to create this army of similarly style women. The pattern, the colour, the clothes are different but they all looks similar, there's this similar aura around them. On some episodes I even think that they're being changed from interesting to normal uncharacteristic people.