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Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal? - Jeanette Winterson Having read Oranges and knowing her general history I thought this autobiography will be bitter, but it's not and I love it. There's this deep level of understanding on who Mrs. Winterson was and how she was; how the combination just sucks big time and "ruined" the relationship. But she's not blaming Mrs. Winterson nor herself. An acceptance of whatever has happened in the past and how it made her who she is right now. Sure, there's also wishful thinking, perhaps there's something they both could do to make it better but she didn't dwell in it either. I was rather wary when she finally found her biological mother, I'm not really interested in sugar sweet biological mother is perfect thingy, luckily after veering rather closely on the edge for a while, her coda brought everything back to the ground again. yes, Mrs. Winterson was a monster, yes, Anna probably not. The fact still what it was and she is who she is because everything was. I suppose this is written at the correct timing, when she's able to tell the story of her life in the interesting way and yet not wallowing in either spectrum of feeling. All in all a great writing.Also shining throughout the whole book is her love to literature. It's just made my heart warm reading how she hold on prose & poetry during her whole life and took strength for it. It also made me remember to try again on poetry, I'm just not that patient to work on understanding poetry, but I will try again and again.