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The Everlasting Story of Nory - Nicholson Baker Everlasting? nay... Neverending... I even made the mistake of typing neverending when I was searching for the book in GR. I've read Baker's other book [b:The Anthologist|6364068|The Anthologist|Nicholson Baker|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1347730144s/6364068.jpg|6551304] and loved it. In a way I should've known. What I loved about Anthologist is how he meandered around the world just to say one single thing but he did it in such a lovely way; the voice of that poor guy prevaricating in his writing and life is endearing; somehow it just striked a cord within me, because I'm also that kind of person. In this book, the style became a deadly weapon.Substitute the guy with a small girl and you'll have the point of this book. It simply drove me crazy. All the stories she made up and told her dolls, listening to her pontificating, dear me... Does it mean that I'm not fit to be a mother? I swear I could strangle her mid-story. Which I guess also mean that some other people will find her adorable, cute and mature beyond her age. So by all means try reading, you'd probably like it since you're not me. For those who feel they will probably similar to me, the secret of surviving reading this book is to read it in small portions. Also you're welcome to skip the chapters of her story. Taken in small doses the writing still has its own charm, I especially adored the beginning. I guess the difference will be like being visited by a niece and having that girl lives with you 24hrs a day, 7 days in week.