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Tamsin - Peter S. Beagle Bumping in to 5 stars, because a book that can be read over and over again without loosing its glory is a special one indeed. the last read even gave me a creep that I didn't have before.I'm re-reading because I was watching Victorian farm from BBC and seeing them plowing the field reminded me of the stepfather who wanted to revive the soil in this Dorset farm.---------------It's getting better on re-reading. For one thing I can't believe I hadn't noticed so many other interesting character. I must've rushing through it the first time…----------------Where were Beagle's book when I was still a child? To think how much I've missed for not reading it as I was the right age for it. Reading it now made me fall in love with Jenny. She was not a perfect child and meeting her in real world would made me hate her as a teeny. Her story, though, of her shedding her annoying shell and growing up is sweet without being obnoxious. And it sure is enjoyable reading creepy story without vampire or werewolf for a change. Boggart, Pooka, Lady of the Elder, Oakmen.. bring all the "old weirdness", I welcome them all..I really have some luck with my reading lately. I'm so satisfied by this book, it scored some bonus points even when it didn't have too. See how the creepy vicious Judge Jeffrey of the Bloody Assizes was given another depth right at the end, he's still a creep and villainous but Beagle has shown us that even he would have done anything for the one he loves."For her I would have betrayed my post, my King and my God--indeed, I did so in my heart, with never a second thought. That makes Tamsin Willoughby mine." I know it looks stupid, writing it down like that. But you didn't hear him, and I still do. He really would have done all that for her, you see, and done it believing he'd burn in hell forever for doing it. He _hadn't_ done it, and it wouldn't have made her his anyway, but you see why he'd have figured it did. Or I saw it anyway, at the time. He was a maniac and a monster, but people don't love like that anymore. Or maybe it's only the maniacs and monsters who do.Still a sick man but which other villain was given this much of capability to love by its author?