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The Inverted World - Christopher Priest I stumble into this sci-fi accidentally, was not looking or in the mood for one, which explained the small rating.It's really quite ok. At the beginning it reminded me a lot about [b:The Passage|6690798|The Passage (The Passage, #1)|Justin Cronin|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327874267s/6690798.jpg|2802546], the way the children was raised in isolation and finding out about the world at their coming of age. Or maybe I should say the passage was using the same plot device since this book was published earlier. Anyway, we're supposed to learn about this world together with the protagonist and being a lazy reader that I am, it's rather confusing. Especially since I'm not a math lover, but if you do, this book should be just the thing for you.For me, I don't really how Priest developed the characters, especially Victoria. It seems to be a bit high handed, she was shown first as potentially interesting character then she's being dulled down before wiped off, well, not really wiped off, she's still there but it looks like we're suppose not to like her.