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Fifth Business - Robertson Davies I finished reading then immediately went back to first page to read it again. Which is rather curious, I can't say that the language is really special nor the pace & plot gripping. But there's just something about it that is really comfortable to read. I can say, though, that the ending satisfy me. I'm rather picky about ending, it can ruin a good book for me. In fact the ending just gave this book the extra 1star that I hadn't felt like giving at the beginning.I started reading this book in good condition, I've read enough review to make me curious but not too much to ruin the reading. I thought it will be similar to [b:An Instance of the Fingerpost|15888|An Instance of the Fingerpost|Iain Pears|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348769619s/15888.jpg|950198] that let reader find out the truth about a murder through different storyteller. In a way it is, but it's also different. For one thing, it didn't slam you with the murder at the beginning. In fact, I was reading with hazy feeling that something important is going to happen to someone, but who and when? I know that it's not Dunstable Ramsay because he's the fifth business & a nicely put quote explain the whole fifth business thing at the beginning of the book. Then it's basically Ramsay's life told in leisurely manner. Are you a pace or thrill junky? Then perhaps this is not for you. For me this is the kind of pacing that suits me best, enough interest, but I can still put down and pick up at my convinience. No staying late at night ruining my working day nor did I felt the need to cheat and read the ending first. Whatever my excuse to do it, it always ruin the book for me. Then when the time is ripe, a gentle lift of curtain. And there you are, at the end of the story.