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The Fahrenheit Twins - Michel Faber The thing about Faber is that you never know what you're going to get. Sometimes he can write something so simple, yet touching and remarkable; then the next story you read is so over the top it's not funny anymore. Like he was trying too hard to impress and drove you over the cliff. Yet those he wrote well was so good you can forgive anything just to find another one of those unforgetable gems. This short story compilation is really a mix. One of them I'd really like to forget I've ever read; which is sad because it took place in jakarta. The Eminem one, is just wonderful and worth the whole book. The first story is also one of his best; he really knows where to cut a short story short in that one. So just take it easy, stop reading when you hit a nasty one or stop reading after an especially nice one. Then continue after a while, unless you want to get hit by desperation.