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The Big Sleep - Raymond Chandler It was possibly because I was in a rather sorry state when I started reading Big Sleep, but I found myself having to go back & forth, re-reading the sentences to understand the story at the beginning. It was better afterwards (maybe I was not so sleepy). As a detective story it's rather good, though I found the 2 storylines Geiger & Vivian's husband (can't remember the name) was rather separated from each other. I was reading about the clean up of Geiger case and was surprised to see that I'm still quite far from the book end. Then story plunge again into deep mystery before it really ended. Compared to [b:The Maltese Falcon|29999|The Maltese Falcon|Dashiell Hammett|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1350746388s/29999.jpg|980184], I like Philip Marlowe more. There are some posturing, lovely beautiful legs galore, but Marlowe is a decent guy and the story is not centralized completely on money. I'd probably read more Marlowe when I'm at a loose end reading-wise.