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The Good Thief's Guide to Amsterdam - Chris Ewan If Chris Ewan was an architect, his philosophy wouldn't be "less is more", Corbusier is he not. His buildings would probably be of Richard Roger's intricate steel structures. His detective story sure is. Well, probably not that complicated but I can see how he revels in plots & details, there's a conclusion he made involving a break-in using mallet & drill, there's a gun being hidden somewhere that turned up again several chapter later, there's a manuscript with a plot hole involving a briefcase that have to be moved from a police evidence room to denouement's location. It's a complete puzzle that has to be traced to all its smallest element. Some will say, isn't that what a detective story is all about? I'd have to say, you got me there. Perhaps it just depends on what you're looking for in such a story. I admit I'm more of Christie's type and not Holmes, so although I admire his technique in building all these complicated structure, it wouldn't be my "feel-good" reading type. Having said that, I'd probably read his other books on cities I've visited; Venice, Berlin and maybe Paris. In the end I do like how the story unfolded on areas I recognize. Recommended for people who like solving puzzle and travelling.