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Stalky and Co. (Wordsworth Children's Classics) - Rudyard Kipling Stalky & co is the ultimate boy's boarding school book for me. If Enid Blyton's numerous school stories reigned my childhood, then Stalky is the story I can continue to enjoy in my adulthood. It's devilishly funny & one of my favourite Kipling's work. My most favourite would have to be Baa Baa Blacksheep (i think that's the title) short story which I somehow mislaid. It's a shame that during this last re-read I became more aware of the imperialistic tone that Kipling's world has. Nothing blatantly annoying, just having this thought at the back of my mind that these boys, these wonderfully wild & incorrigible boys, were drilled to become soldiers defending the "rights" of british empire; and some of them will die because of it.