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Marcel Proust - Edmund White A warm up before deciding to read Proust's magnum opus. Which is rather silly since I usually just jump into a book, regardless of any knowledge on the book's author or background. In fact I realized that those books where I think a lot before starting usually the ones that ends up unread. Just like most of my knitting projects are started on a sudden craving and not the ones with swatches.Anyway, this is the second book about Proust that I've read and I don't think it's better than de Botton's [b:How Proust Can Change Your Life|23420|How Proust Can Change Your Life|Alain de Botton|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1320528867s/23420.jpg|14280396], especially since de Botton's really made me want to start reading right away and this one not. I have to say that this one has more informations & trivia on Proust's life. Though surely, as Proust himself believe, author's background shouldn't be used as the ground for book criticism. In fact, ISOLT was started as rebuttal on this premise. So let's see if I will end 2013 with having read ISOLT or only these sort of books.