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Dreamland: Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep - David K. Randall You know how with those most important thing in life you take it for granted until it's gone? That's how I used to think about sleeping, which is not thinking about it at all. Back then I'd sleep early or late, wake up whenever I have to without a thought. Then, (ah.. the unavoidable significant moment) I had my life turned upside down. Then I started to notice that sleep ceased to be an enjoyable activity. I'd be lying dead tired but not only I couldn't fall asleep, I also have a suspicion that deep inside I didn't want to sleep. Then started the period of time where I fuss about my sleeping time, I'm constantly anxious about how many sleep hours I had, the dream I had (or hadn't); which is as written in this book the worst thing you can do to improve your sleep quality. When I found out about this book I was excited, finally a book that can explain & verify all sleep trivias I've accumulated. Having read it, I can't say I'm dissapointed. It had most interestings facts about science of sleeping and all those thing you believed to be the "natural" sleep. Some I've known before, some I hadn't thought to be more influential to life. I might've expected to find more tips to improve my sleep, but what I did found should help too. First I'll start not to worry too much about sleeping, I'll start monitoring my sleep through that app thingy again since it might boost up my sleep confidence, I'll try to re-condition myself before sleeping, no more bright tablet/laptop screen an hour before sleep, I'll only use my e-ink for before sleep reading. Let's see how it'll improve my sleep.