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Alarm im Zirkus Sarani - Stefan Wolf For the Indonesian lover of STOP series, it might amuse you to know that Sporty's original nickname in German is... 'drumroll'... TARZAN! LOL.... actually it's a bit strange, I read him being referred as Tim as well, though his real name is still Peter Carsten. Perhaps the editor in the new edition think Tim needs a trendy name, like Tarzan....Anyhow, I'm thankful that the translated version I had ruthlessly change everyone's name to get the group name STOP. I like it more, it's just more catchy than TKKG. Also, the fat kid, I think I know him as Oscar.... Oscar is actually the dog in original version.The book itself, like so many other foray into the past, the sweet nectar is usually the memory attached to it. I found them rather annoyingly goody two shoes right now. Reading it in German I've also realised how pedagogical minded Stefan Wolf is. This book is aimed to increase children's vocabulary; first by seeming to cram a thesaurus into the text (I catch him using several different expression to say 'bicycle' in 2-3 paragraph) and second by directly putting in explanation beside the deemed to be difficult words (in bracket and italic). The Germany itself looks so simplistic, so homogenic, although I'd have guess the setting to be Frankfurt or Hamburg. Anyway, the story sure show its age as a poison threat doesn't link directly to terrorist attack & only simple small scale ganoven.