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Anständig essen: Ein Selbstversuch - Karen Duve I wonder now if it's such a smart thing to do to read this book. For one thing I can't hide behind ignorance anymore. I have to face the fact that I'm not such a good person I wanted to believe. I have to accept that despite saying that I do like animals (especially cats) I don't like them so much as to change my eating habit to make a stand on food industry's ruthless practices. I don't love them enough to save calf being separated from their mothers to get as much as milk as possible. No more illusion of being a decent person for me. Still, this is an eye opener; not the first one, I've read/heard from here and there about food industry. This book also made me think on human's place in the world. There's no denying what is natural for animal, rabbit to eat grass, cats to eat meat, mosquito to suck blood, this is their only choice to survive. But human? What should we eat? How much? What can we take from the world and what can't we take just to make sure that we will still have our place some years from now. And the fact that even the slightest thing we do affect the world in ways we never seem to grasp. This book seems to give more questions that I can only keep at the back of my mind for now. Not that I agree with everything said in this book. For example of her giving her cat vegan cat food. Right, so she's protecting herself from guilty feeling of supporting that industry but she's abusing her cat? Why should human's guilty feeling have more worth than a cat's right for food suitable for it. Especially since she's also very reluctant in letting the cat provide food for itself (mouse hunting). Though she did switch back to normal cat food after seeing some marks of allergy on the cat. The good thing about it is that this book is funny. Otherwise I might not stand reading it.