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Wide Sargasso Sea - Jean Rhys A short but intense book. If jane eyre's book is filled with cold grey landscape, this one is hot & burning. And Mr. Rochester, ah... I'm a fan but you really don't show your best side here. Granted he was also not a model boy scout in JE, but somehow to criticize him there feels like being a no-fun-goodie-two-shoes, because of course we want our men to be the rumpled experienced bad boy (notice the "boy"). But what did that really entails, to create this loveable bad boy? well rhys showed us that & the victims. a woman broken by whim, greed & coldness. I'm sorry edward, being young doesn't give you an excuse to behave that way. although she did meet up w/ sandi, you also did marry her for money and then break her.As for me, the safest would be to take a wide berth from Jane Eyre for a while. I don't want to ruin it. I wonder if there are people who read this book first before jane eyre and what their reaction to it.