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The Passage - Justin Cronin It's better as a re-read. That sure surrised me. It was a good decision to rea-read this before tackling the twelve. turns out I was missing/forgetting a lot of ting. Onwards to the twelve!--------------------Another of those i-never-thought-i-would-like-it books. I seem to get lots of those lately. I think I like the beginning and the ending the most.The beginning played with my sympathy, introducing the characters, telling us part of the story then abandoned him for another before finally bringing them all together. nice trick guaranteed to hook you up with the book and compensate for a bit boring second part. Part of the reason I kept on reading those part was because I couldn't believe that there wouldn't be a better part ahead after such a satisfying introduction.Well, after reading the whole fat chunk, I'm sorry to say that the following parts were not as satisfying. Of course the actions pick up after a while. But for me that was just it. A thriller. I found that I couldn't feel about Peter, Alicia, Sara and the others as much as what I've felt about Wolgast, Lacey, Carter or even Dr. Lear. The other thing that bugged me was how everybody kept on saying, "Flyer this and that.." which confused me for a longish period until I remember a review that explained it to me. Heh, silly me, still not earning you extra star, book.Then in a way the end saved it for me. On one side I'm a bit dissapointed not to have more story about Carter. On the other hand I'm really grateful that Cronin has not been tempted to tie everything nicely. For me this would be a perfect ending, almost like The Handmaid's Tale with enough insinuation of who might survive and who will die (it's time someone did, his trick is getting exhausting). *** Ok, the above review was written as I thought that this is a standalone book. In this case I'd be perfectly satisfied. But now I've read somewhere that this will be a trilogy (why didn't I suspect it before? nobody write a standalone book nowadays, always this annoying play of three or four or dozens :(Now I'm not sure what I should do. Should I read the sequel? There are some things that would be nice to find out more. But another two tomes of he's-dead-no-he's-not would be too tiresome to be contemplated. And this end was so perfect for me... Of all the things in the story, the ending was the one thing that felt the most real to me. This is life, you might not know all about what happened in the past. A sequel would definitely ruined it for me :(