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Happily Ever After - Garth Nix, Michael Cadnum, Karen Joy Fowler, Paul Di Filippo, Gregory Maguire, Bill Willingham, Jane Yolen, Michelle Sagara West, Peter Straub, Charles de Lint, Susanna Clarke, Esther M. Friesner, Theodora Goss, K. Tempest Bradford, Leslie What, Alan Rodgers, Jim C. Hine The stories are better than those collected in the similarly themed My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me: Forty New Fairy Tales , it has more edge and overall there's this grey and dark tone surrounding it. which leads me to say that the title doesn't fit it at all. Nor the cover. Probably better with imagery of dark forest and all those creeping menacing creature waiting for you.Still I have the same problem with this book as with other themed short stories collection. How far should you run away from the theme, be it fairy tale or sherlock holmes. What's making it difficult is that sometime the story that I love most is the one that just touched the theme ever so lightly, whereas the story that play by the book just leave me uninterested. Too bad I've already read some of the story in other collection, especially sad that Neil Gaiman's story is not a new material. Susanne Clarke hit it again with her beastly fairy. Found some new authors that I hadn't known before. I think I'll keep this at the ready to pick a story once in a while.