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1Q84 - Haruki Murakami I haven't enjoyed Murakami for some years Re-reading those I've loved before made me wonder what interested me so much. I could only manage to read partway some of his new books. Somehow the current me just doesn't fit murakami. I was very reluctant to read this as well, 3 volume books when I can't even manage his short story? No way.Bu I did start and somehow I kept on reading without being distracted by other things. I'm not having the giddy fan reaction anymore (unlike when I read wind-up bird) but this is good, reminded me a bit of why I once like him so much. The story itself so far... I don't know.. I kept on wondering about the 2 world, wondering if Tengo is in one and Aomame in the other or are they in the same one. Wondering what happened to her other self that was in 1Q84 before she came. Is it switching thing or how does it work? What happen to 1984? I have no understanding at all, should I even try to figure it out? Then about them being falling in love, or whatever, which hasn't really occured til now but I gleaned from other review. Does this feel like real to other people? I once read a manga about a couple who made a promise not to have any contact w/ each other except through sms until they've both achieved their dream. I read it fully understanding this kind of thing can be accepted in manga world. I'm not sure I like the need to extend the same acceptance to this so-called "high-brow" fiction. I mean they had this moment once when they were 10years old and she still hails it as the love of her life? hmmm... I've had several monkey love, 2 maybe-probably real love, some crush on some men from the most ridiculous reasons, I find it hard to believe their would be relationship. Or maybe BECAUSE I've had these experiences that their relationship felt so contrived (dare I say fake?). Let's see how it'll progress on the next book.