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Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear: A Novel - Katharine Weber Eh...... so it ended. It started great, it started really intimate. Reading Harriet's letter, following her going tangent on her story telling, this was the part I enjoyed most. Afterwards i kept on feeling like seeing a complete parts w/ slightly skewed arrangement or perfect arrangement w/ some missing parts. The ending totally lost me and the last star promised to it.I can't like Harriet even from the start. I think she's a meddling goody two shoes. From the first page I was thinking if she's one of those unreliable narrator or ugly puppet used by author to prove an opposite point. I was truly missing her voice at the beginning of part 2 and was dissapointed of the change; I couldn't understand why the story hadn't continued just as it was. Then I realized that now is the time of the uncovering of truth, where we will finally get to know the reality of her life. In a way it was so, all the fact was brought out; Yet somehow I felt let down. Her denouement felt so bland. there were things that should horrify me but just fell short.What's up w/ her Bf anyway? His name. Oh my... And how he was potrayed as the perfect man n making their relationship a solid ideal one.. Come on, seeing all the relationships went to the dust all over the book did Weber actually expect us to swallow this? or is this a piece of sarcasm dagger thrown to the audience?