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Someone to Run With - David Grossman, Vered Almog, Maya Gurantz Sometimes the most amazing thing about a book is what led you to reading it at the first place. This one bumped it's way to the top of TBR by the influence of a chance meeting w/ someone from Israel during my travel, which reminded me of how much I enjoyed To the End of the Land. Well, all right, to be honest I had a micro crush on him which made me curious about the land and Grossman is my contact writer to it who managed to write without hackling my nerve about the whole political-religious mess.So, thanks to Mr. Crush I came back to Grossman and he didn't dissapoint me. Not about reading about Israel itself, for it To the End of the Land is still the best. However this book actually more suitable for crush induced reading. A story about Assaf (combination of Bruce Willis & Harvey Keitel, hard guy with soft and sweet inside, who needs pretty face anyway?) searching for Tamar (loyal tough girl with golden voice) led by the most adorable wonderful dog Dinka. The story follows alternately between Assaf & Tamar, weaved by Dinka who makes sure that Assaf is introduced to every facet of Tamar's life which she kept apart purposely; so when they finally meet it was just gush inducing. Yeah, I'm gushing myself right now. I'm still a bit indecisive about the climax, is it too little? Was the suspense drawn too long just to land too softly afterwards? I tend to think it's still on the borderline. I think the focus itself is not the thrill, it's more of the character and the development along the way. Had Grossman wrote a more bang-bang-now-you're-dead type of plot I would've hate it think of it unnatural. Contrary to what Enid Blyton drummed to our head since infancy, children (young adults? teenagers?) do not fold a highly organized thief den by themselves. Police exists for a reason. Older brother characters are born earlier to learn more of the world and act with more thought and sense. Assaf, Tamar and Dinka jumped the barricade, but there are people who helped them coming back into the fold. This gave me a hopeful thought of the world. All in all this is a warm book. It lets you to dream and hope. I couldn't ask for a better souvenir from a chance meeting & a travel.