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The Bell Jar - Sylvia Plath I don't know what I think of it or how many stars I think it deserves. I know beforehand that it would skate on the subject of depression and I was bracing myself on it. And it did show the slippery path to a break down, but somehow it didn't touch or crush me the way The Trick Is to Keep Breathing was. I gave THAT book low stars not because it's not good. In the contrary it was so good that I was scared stiff reading it. Bell Jar was.... lukewarm for me. Not because the whole book was seemingly without up and down; I've read some reviewer saying they didn't understand how the breakdown came to be without significant live upheaval or whatever. For me, the scary thing about breaking down is not that it comes to you like a falling brick wall, but that you slip slip slip slip always downward and suddenly you look up and realize that you're inside a deep well. At least that's how a mini scale happened to me and suddenly you're just frozen there and started doing stupid stuff. Just like Esther did. The second scary thing about it is that other people won't understand why you are where you are. From outside it can be that you look like the luckiest person on earth; inside your head the understanding that other people see you as a lucky person made it even worse that you're feeling what you feel. What a horrible ungrateful you are. So you sink deeper.Well, enough about the ranting. So I pretty much ok with half the book; however once the part with her hospitalization begin.. I kind of lost it completely. I still can understand and empathize with it. But it's just not the same feel anymore.