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The Abyssinian Proof  - Jenny White, Nadia May I wonder if should hear it again. My attention was coming and going, catching the story now and then before shoving it to white noise. Currently this review will be very subjective and might miss this book's fine points completely.First, I'll be honest in saying that I have no idea how the Turk lived during this period of time and Jenny White is an anthropologist so she should know better than I do. However, somehow I can't feel relationship dynamic between men and women really believeable. Granted my only experience was gained from living in a Turk neighbourhood in Germany and some insight from my ex's Moroccan family, still it felt off and it just wouldn't let me enjoy the story. Same goes for the names, Kamil Pasha, Sheeba & Balqis. Somehow flashing these famous moslem names just irritates me. Very subjective and probably would enchant other reader, just not me.