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The Human Factor - Graham Greene Sometimes I wonder why I enjoy Greene so much since he always break heart. I suppose this is what we are looking for in our reading, something to move our heart. Better to cry afterwards than to forget that we've read the book. Does it mean that readers are emotion junkie?About the book itself, as always Greene wrote a compelling story. A spy story where with elements that usually not presents there. The great west world being cuckold by the Russian, a nice change after Operation Mincemeat: How a Dead Man and a Bizarre Plan Fooled the Nazis and Assured an Allied Victory where the Allies did the wonderful hoax of WWII. This is not your standard spy story to be sure.However, you can say that this story is very Greene, I suppose I didn't want to say standard Greene. Someone got downtrodden and break your heart while all around you the world cheered and continues with their life. It's those small tragedies in life. Probably a sign I've read too many Greene in too short span of time. I need to pace it better. Another thing, somehow I feel Greene is a bit heavy handed with all his clues and fact. He explained down to the dot what really happened, the intrique, the cheat, the pawn, the hoax master. I know this is to make sure that everyone get it, but I hadn't noticed that he was this transparent or insistent before.