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Anna and the French Kiss - Stephanie Perkins well,yeah…this book taught me not to judge by its cover or genre. i was that close not to read it,but then thought well why not, just browsing. and here i am 1am in the morning after another marathon reading and i'm totally screwed up tomorrow at the office, but never mind that.a nice easy fluffy reading yet it still reads better than its similar compatriot. i understand how a lot of girls are raving on it on the review page. if i was some (a bit much) years younger than i do now i'd do the same thing. i'd fall in love w/ st.clair. i love how it describes anna's feeling in her first days at school. the loneliness, homesickness, feeling of not belonging. extra points for somehow managed to read my doubt on the story and to explain from their point of view and made it more or less understandable/acceptable.well, except about the school… i mean, what's up about that school anyway? i did google and found one the possible model for it. still don't get the point of sending or establishing that sort of school. first i thought it was a school for ex-pat's children which is of course i understand though i can't really totally endorse. but it's a boarding school, so what's the point. though there's one in australia i think that provide boarding but it was because most of the parents are living miles away in a farm somewhere. unlike this school which is located in the heart of paris… so i guess i just don't get what some rich parents thinking of. sure, sending your child for some international exposure. but why does it need to be american school? it defeats the purpose, me think. let your child knows other culture but make sure they don't learn too much, surround them in a pure american environment. it feels like half baked gesture to me.please understand that it's not a rant about the book or the story, i only question why not a common french boarding school, because of the language problem i suppose. i just don't understand the need of that kind insulated school. but it's there in real life so it's just because i'm not rich enough nor a citizen of the great united states of america that this model looks unappetizing to me.oh, just because i'm in the middle of ranting,there was an odd thing mentioned that only american can join the SOAP? is that really common? i'd have thought naturally nobody besides indonesian would like to join indonesian international school, but a private english speaking school such as this? would they really barr the door for a rich young sheikh? last gripe on the school, no curfews for seniors…really? seriously?well never mind that. don't let that bothers you. seriously, if you want to have that warm fuzzy feeling, it's recommended to read it. and it's not too sweet either. light nice young love like a perfect fruit salad. wait, last rant. perkins didn't do any justice to ellie. she's so downtrodden and she didn't even get enough show time to show her character. just a girl friend being pushed out of scene by the new girl who happen to be the heroine. life sure is sucks for her