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The Lions of al-Rassan - Guy Gavriel Kay Shall I praise Kay for being a great story teller? Or curse him as manipulative suspense junkies? because what he did, didn't really impress me much. I wonder if he has problem w/ people dying, which is funny for a war story writer…Two things that led me to wonder; first, he made such a production of it, carving the story so purposefully to fool you (yes, you, dear reader) blurring the identity of the deceased (save that broken heart for later); made you weep then laugh at your face, ha ha… And I wouldn't mind it so much if it's done only once in a book. After all we all love our suspense & emotions, and those hormones need a bit of work-out as well. But twice, it can even be considered thrice? The device is getting rusty and the joke is getting old.Second, is how he would bend over backward to make sure someone survives a deadly peril; actually it's not even peril, they actually were quasy dead. It made me want to shout to him letting him know that people do die, you know… Which is again ironic since people are dying left and right since the beginning of the story.And this made it even stranger. what made them so special? Why did you survive? Why aren't you dead? Is it because that family ties with that hot shot superstar hero? To think of it this was also something that happened in Tigana and was something truly annoying that I can't forget about the book. Honestly it made me a bit wary of reading another Kay's book.So why do I still read his books? I don't know… It's about manly man hero in a colosal war; my standard favorite book is about underdog being scared by pigeons. I sympathy more with the skinny flawed desperate people, maybe because I took comfort on their flaws. If they, with flaw more numerous than mine still hang on, still make a living out of it, maybe I too can hope. So his stories are aberration on my staple. Well, as long as it's a fun one, why not.Last piece of nag from me. What is it with him and the word "dissemble"? It sticks out like a sore thumb and I truly would like to scratch it out if only I could, but then it would only look more prominent.