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Monsignor Quixote - Graham Greene Leave it to Graham Greene to write about something I don't particularly care in a place beyond my eyesight and still made me hooked. Perhaps this is because no matter what the setting or who the character is, there's always the underlying love stretching through the whole story. Not necessarily romantic one nor is it always shown clearly, it's just there even under the most depressingly hopeless conditions. I suppose this is what makes me hooked with his stories, his love for humankind.Another thing is how his stories can be enjoyed on different levels. It's interesting for people with the least knowledge of Catholicism or Politic though I bet those who understand those subjects will get more out of it than I do. To close this meandering thought, his own words are the best: The Mayor didn't speak again before they reached Orense; an idea quite strange to him had lodged in his brain. Why is it that the hate of man -- even of a man like Franco -- dies with his death, and yet love, the love which he had begun to feel for Father Quixote, seemed now to live and grow in spite of the final separation and the final silence -- for how long, he wondered with a kind of fear, was it possible for that love of his to continue? And to what end?