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The Winter Queen - Boris Akunin, Andrew Bromfield Another BBC WBC influenced read, the birth of Erast Fandorin the great Russian police. It' funny how I adjust my standard on each type of book. It seems that I don't exactly insist on realism or fantasy or whatever, but only that a story stays consistent.Take Wallander for example, it showed from the beginning its strong flavour of realism which made the story's heavy handed luck streak at the last part annoying to me.With Erast though, it was pretty clear it would be a light fluffy comedy with a dandy hero sporting a Lord Byron corset, a play of "American Roulette" *grin* and an unbelievable streak of luck; so I adjusted my mind accordingly and simply enjoy. An enjoyable story it was. Enough silly fooling around to become lovable, a sizable posturing to charm the ladies; Erast Fandorin is rearing to start his series. The very last bit of the story was really too heavy nod to a lone-hunter-deeply-scarred-hero for my liking, but nothing is perfect. I won't be looking for the next sequel too soon but I will someday.