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Der Kontrabaß - Patrick Süskind Not for those looking for a plot.But it sure is amusing. Ok, this will sound a bit like schadenfreude, but you have to give me a bit more trust that when I said it was amusing to read about a guy falling apart on his own monologue, I didn't mean it in a bad way. In fact, I can see myself going the same way this anonymous-double-bass-guy went if someone let me have a solid 3hours time to talk about my life right now without interruption; on a second thought I might even go worse and starting to shed tears after the first half hour. So I don't judge you at all, ADBG. My heart goes to you.Readers not particularly looking for a plot, do read this. This is a very humane story. Not about some cold-blooded-sniffing-extraordinary-murderer or life-changing-pidgeon-induced-drama, just a guy having a chance to unburden his normal life story to an unsuspecting victim and being honest about it.As I was reading this book I realized something. If you want to get the truth about something, you don't need a rigorous interview, what you need to do is to let them talk for as long as possible (alcoholic beverage helps). This ADBG started the story being a smug all important fellow and gradually descent to the abyss tearing down all the fine cover up of his life and present them as they really are. His true life story. His dissapointments. His wishes. His double bass.And that summarized the whole book, though you will receive more than that, feel more than that if you do decide to read this book. You can have a window looking inside a sound insulated room. As for me, I've received a secret comraderie handshake from a fellow self pitying miserable creature of this world.The amused thought, though, went mostly to this assumed unsuspecting journalist trying to get a filler interview with an unimportant member of orchestra and received a whole slimy ball of life instead.To Patrick Sueskind, are you going to write something new? I'm starting to get low on your unread book and will need fresh supply soon, sometime within this year definitely.