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Duchess of Death: The Unauthorized Biography of Agatha Christie - Richard Hack Heard it with a bit of parallel reading of her autobiography. I like the bit explaining about her mysterious dissapearance, I can understand why she did her dissapearing act and I enjoyed listening how it gave her a new confidence and new sense of self. I don't like how her love life with her 1st husband was portrayed though. It has too much sense of foreboding of the future doom. Of course there's a saying how an outsider can see things clearer and of course there's nothing more powerful than hindsight. But still, no matter how doomed a pair of lover is, they went into it sincerely and blindly enough and there were happy times, there were happiness inside it; which this book did it's best downplay & hide, I suppose to highten the sense of drama and simply made it a less believeable life to me. Afterwards it's just bliss and list of all her books along with littany of literature&archeological life.My advice to read this book only if you're curious about her mysterious dissapearance and wanted to read his version on it. Otherwise Christie's autobiography is a lot more interesting.