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Room - Emma Donoghue I read this book with the intention of reading through the Booker Prize shortlist before the winner was announced. Sadly I got stuck on the 3rd and 4th book and simply gave up. This first one though was actually a wonderful beginning.One of the reviewer mentioned how disappointed he was because the story actually inspired by a real occurrences. For me this book is strengthened by the fact that the story could happen, has happened, and might happen again. The horror of the real world seeped into this world built by Donoghue, for me it especially came from the case of Natascha Kampusch (though not involving a child) and another girl who was held hostage and in her own house in her mother's knowledge. This doesn't mean that the book simply borrowed the power of those cases since the story it spins truly is wonderful and not simply a report of any hostage situation but really an effort to understand and to get under the skin of people involved in it. It built a picture on how after such tragedy relationship was weakened or strengthened, how family could fall apart or bound tighter. For me this is the strength of this book which could explain its nomination for Booker Prize though it doesn't have the same feel with other books that were nominated or have won the prize.