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Millionär - Tommy Jaud First thing first, some of the star earned by this book just because its setting. I once lived on the street where Annabelle Kaspar had her WG, I've walked thousand times through Suelzburgstrasse, Gustavstrasse, passing St. Bimbam (LOL), I've even used the internet caffee that might inspired Shahin's WebWorld. I love Suelz most in Koeln (the Promis can have their Marienburg, I'm not interested) and I love Koeln most in Germany. So, I'd say it counts at least 1.5 stars.Now about the book itself. It's funny, full of crazy people doing crazy things, yet I can picture people really doing those bescheuerte Sachen.. Of course it's seen through a foreigner's eyes that has seen her fair share of German TV comedy so don't bet too much on the validity. For people who wants to get more value from their books, the book touches the relationship between different people in Germany; foreigner (though some of them born and brought up in Germany) and das Volk, ossy and wessy, Hartz IV receiver and succesful young businessman. It high-lighted the prejudice and ignorance that comes along on each meeting and showed how ridiculous they were. I have a mixed feeling about Simon Peters himself. He is the kind of man I would runaway from if I ever met him in real life. Lazy, jobless, aimless young man, his only saving grace is his belief that he was doing some good through his complains to the established. Yet I can sometimes understand his frustation, his dwindling pride and his eye twitch. I can imagine the horror of living on Hartz IV which helps you to eat but not to stand up. He is a young man living in todays Germany with all the craziness behind the facade of regularity. Reading his life story, it's a sad sad story indeed.Don't forget that this is comedy book, though. Have some laugh, play some Tennis Wii and forget the sad bad world for awhile.