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Far from the Madding Crowd - Thomas Hardy Read slowly..Savour the words and sentences..I found myself reading more classic books nowadays and I finally have an inkling of the reason. It turned out I was craving for the slower pace that they have in contrast to the frantic humdrum of stressing workday. By the time I got to Hardy, I'm quite ready to read his words as if I was reading it out loud. I disciplined myself to slow down each time I found myself quickening, his sentences helped me since reading it too fast would just brought me to confusion.How soothing his pace was. He gave enough time for a man to descent to madness, for a woman to grief over a dead (or believed to be dead) husband, for a woman to give her promise to marry, for love-friendship to grow and for a flitty girl to turn into a woman. And yet there was no boring parts in it, there were touching parts, humourous parts and beautiful landscape descriptions (the storm one stuck in my heart especially). Then the climax came and it hits you on the head, so sudden it was though the seed came a long time ago. I have to compare it to Twilight where for the whole 3 books I was hunted by the sense of urgency for climax then got let down by such an inconsequential climax. This book lead you through a lightly sloping path then drop you from a high cliff.I will definitely read more Hardy in the future, furthermore this book reminded me to enjoy reading more.