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Norwegian Wood - Jay Rubin, Haruki Murakami Once upon a time I got addicted to Murakami's voice that I read his books one after another till I got sick of it. The result is that his stories and books are all mixed up together in my head. Now being (I hope) a better and more attentive reader I'm planning to read them again and really appreciate it. I think I'd read Norwegian after The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle and the only thing I could remember from the first time reading was the walk in the wood, the strange dormitory and his first visit to Naoko's hospital.--------------------------I can't help it... The whole time I was reading it, I kept on thinking that this is a manga love pairing. You know, a boy has to choose between a fragile lovely princessy girl and a healthy robust down-to-earth girl, you can also switch up the gender. I can't name a definite manga but this vision & plot was just hovering in my head and tone the book down for me. I think I like what I can remember of Wind-up Bird more than this fresh reading of Norwegian Wood.