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The Book of Lost Things - John Connolly I don't know how many stars I should give to this book. It has a marvelous beginning where he potrayed down pat a child's grief and helplessness in coping with his mother's illness and death. Then he went spewing such an off-putting sentences like this:“I treat all living creatures in this place with the respect they deserve, but it is in the order of things that man should rule over all.”Has he never read a book on earth's history? Stating such an arrogant thing about a species that has just been in existence such a short time span in comparison to earth's age is just preposterous. Even now it can't be said that human rules over animal kingdom indefinitely, to a a humble pet dog perhaps, stating it to a cat is skirting over the fact (who can rules over a cat?) People who lives near a real surviving jungle would testify that those animals are definitely not under their rules. The Woodman definitely needs a dose of reality and humble pill.Reading further along in the story still hasn't helped me deciding. It was an allright story with standard plot for a journey story. He met strange then stranger and strangest people along the way, he proved himself as a brave lad. However I got the feeling that this journey is just a padding to make longer book. I got the feeling the only significant scene was where he met the King's sister. Well, all right, the thorn filled castle and how he finally let go his mother was also important. But Snow White and the Seven dwarfs felt really like a filler especially since it had such a different mood from the rest of the book.The ending was a huge let-down. Why-oh-why did he have to use that over-used annoying plot? Woodman I'm looking at you!Be thankful then for the 3stars I gave you..