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A Book of Common Prayer - Joan Didion, Oscar Liebman Imagine looking at an artist at work. He begins with pencil sketch on an empty paper. Right now with a little imagination we can see what he’s trying to draw, that circle maybe the head, flowing line for hair, the outline of body, arm, feet. Then he picks up his pen. Our artist might decide to start from the face; he has a very clear image in his mind so he works straight away in detail. Eyes, nose, mouth, expression, face outline emerge. Next he moves his hand starting to give detail to locks of hair, the flow, until it’s fused with the face. He continues working in this manner jumping from part to part detailing things connecting separate parts until finally the whole picture is finished and we can see the image he had in mind.This is how Didion structured her book. She told us right at the beginning what happened to Charlotte, then she began telling us the “extenuating circumstances, weather, cracked sidewalk and paregorina.” She jumped around the timeline but she always anchors it to the timeframe that we already know. Therefore it was not difficult to get the story right.The story itself is about the life of Charlotte Douglas, a woman who always re-arranges the reality according to what she can bear instead of acknowledging it. It was a dark story full with annoying men that made me want to scream. I almost couldn’t stand most of the conversations since it was so painful seeing Charlotte thrown around by people and circumstances. Not to be read by people with depression tendency.