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Rosemary's Baby - Ira Levin For me it's not scary in horror sense like the Ring or something that creeps in in the middle of the night. For me it's scary how her husband could do this to her. I suppose I'm naive and all, but seeing how such a normal young marriage gone the drain got me to thinking. Would a man sell his wife for his career gain? Granted, as written by Levin, she suspects he only married her to have a girl that adore and worship him. But still, wouldn't what he have done require at least a bit of malicious intent towards her? This is what bothers me, how can you know that your normal average husband isn't going to sell you, maybe not to satan, but say, his horny bos? Otherwise I found the book enjoyable. It annoyed me watching Rosemary not suspecting her condition. After all, how far would you trust your obstetrician? It's her first pregnancy and you can argue on her lack of experience, but wouldn't a continuous pain, not simply queasy feeling, alert her? Would you believe your own body more or people around you? I was relieved that she had brain enough to work it out for herself after direct pointer was given. The ending was still in the border believable for me, taking mother's unconditional love to the extreme.