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The Once and Future King - T.H. White It picked my curiosities at the beginning, bored me to death during Wart's many educations as animals, made me hate his adolescence act at the beginning of his reign. Now I'm ready to read how thing unfold for King Arthur.The thing I like best in reading, though, is the many facets of the characters. Wart who was such a nice kid which turned out to be an OK king until this moment but who already forgotten his special education. Merlin who tries to uphold what is right but sometimes ignores some right thing for what he thought the greater good. Kay who was such a spoiled brat but shows some deep insight and more honest to himself. I will always like him for seeing through Merlin as he blabber about the wrongness of using war to impose ideas for greater good, Kay simply reminded him that the war they were doing was exactly that kind of war. King Pellinore, the most lovable character ever written, I love him and the questing beast most of all. All in all it's a humorous book with some sprinkles of every day tragedy that just break your heart. Especially in the act where the four children of King Lot hunted and killed the unicorn. It was bad enough, but worst thing came as the proud children wanted to show their bounty to their mother only to be ignored and punished. Such a waste of everything.Now to enjoy the rest of the book.---------------------------------------------------------So, it ended with King Arthur waiting for the day to come and the fight against Mordred to begin. I've never read other Arthurian books and the only things I knew about the story came from jumbles of movies. So I have to say that the plot was a bit surprising to me but still I like it better than those of the movies and makes more sense. The long lasting relationship of Lancelot and Guenevere, King Arthur as a true knight with chivalry and the believe on what is Right at the foremost (not the stupid betrayed husband usually pictured in the movie), a very humane Merlyn eventhough for him time run backwards, Gawaine a living proof that deep inside there is kindness and Mordred who was used by destiny to pay the sin done by Arthur. I wish I can read the story from his side, is there any Arthurian book from his point of view? There's actually the continuation in The Book of Merlyn, but I shudder to think of reading more on Arthur's further education in animal kingdom. I'm going to read something else first before tackling the real end.