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Whose Body? - Dorothy L. Sayers The second Lord Wimsey's book that I've read and I have to say that I enjoy Murder Must Advertise more. There's too many sleuthing act and pace is being dragged behind by tons of explanation how someone must've done something somehow because of this and that evidence. It is a detective book but there must be another way of conveying all of that logic and explanation. The uncovering of the criminal is not so satisfying. The way Lord Wimsey just have some suspects that immediately proven unguilty and then from out of the blue understands everything seems like an easy way out. In comparison,suspects came one after another in Murder Must Advertise and each one was followed until we almost certain that he is the criminal before proving that he couldn't be the one. Sounds too long and complicated? Sayers pulled it of in that book. In Whose Body?, she even have to use confession letter to tie the loose ends... I suppose it is her first book and she haven't mastered the trick of detective story-telling. I'm just glad that I read the other book first because I don't think I would read more of her books if I had this one as a first impression. Still recommend her though, let's see how other books in this serie fare.