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Never Let Me Go - Kazuo Ishiguro Somehow I'm reminded about Margaret Atwood's stories in a good and enjoyable way. The way the character simply states her life as if it is a normal condition, which I think is how each of us feels about our own lives and lends a very believeable tone to the whole storytelling. Kazuo Ishiguro explains the details about this world slowly and calmly, instead of directly explaining what "carers" or "donation" really means or what it entails he lets us wonder and ponder about it and when the facts come out instead of shocking us, we accept it the way Kathy and other Hailsham's students accept it, as if we already know from ages ago. If I compare between this story and Under the Skin from Michel Faber I definitely enjoy this one a lot more. Somehow I couldn't sympathized with the girl in Under the Skin because the revelation felt like Faber only wanted to shock us instead of touching us. Hailsham student's condition and what they have to go through is also shocking but they also get inside my heart pretty much from the get go.