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Faceless Killers (Wallander, #1) - Henning Mankell,  Steven T. Murray so this book made me lost a night sleep. it has been a while since a book made me do that. today, finishing the book during breakfast, i realized that it dissapointed me a bit.it started good, really good, the opening scene gave me goosebump and i enjoyed reading the story carefully not skipping much. investigation story can be dreary but mankell is a new writer for me so i haven't figured out his tricks and habits which made all wallander's to and fro enjoyable. the proof is on how i busted my sleeping time until i passed out. now here comes my complain, i felt that the process is realistic enough, i mean which police force actually solves crime with such a spare clue in 1week? not wallander and i'm thankful for that. police work is hard work combing through facts, i get that. i was not annoyed when it was shown that the whole book until that part can be erased and i won't miss a thing toward capturing the criminal, after all i was given enough premonition for it. what annoyed me is that afterward all his work was based on luck. i didn't say that he's not doing any thinking or investigating, he did, but everything hangs in luck, luck and luck. it's just after folllowing his intense process reader sudddenly get fed with luck and sometimes it feels like reading a completely different book. my other dissapointment is how mankell strew out all those violence and motives at beginning which really captivated me. then in the end it was solved so superficially. so yeah, he didn't leave those ends hanging like some other authors, but sometime you kinda wonder if those details should even be in the book. it feels like mankell's was baiting me with salmon and served me milkfish....then again if you're talking about realistic or not, i suppose what happened in this book is closer to what would happen in real life. real life is never smooth, there's no tidy end, things happen for no reason, as written nicely even by mankell himself, i'd need to quote those when i'm not this sleepy anymore. will i read another wallander? i suppose so, i do need to remind myself not to start reading before sleeping. i'm too old to loose sleep because of book. ps. another book read after listening bbc world bookclub. their podcast is really good in tempting me to read stuffs..